Real Estate
der Kunde

BoPris is revolutionizing the real estate market by offering innovative price insurance for homeowners. This groundbreaking service provides homeowners the ability to purchase their next home with the assurance of their current home's minimum sale price.

Epic Kick

What we did

EpicDesign introduced the EPIC KICK Product for BoPris, delivering an end-to-end suite of branding and digital development services.

Das Projekt

The collaboration with BoPris was launched with the mission to alleviate the uncertainty homeowners face when selling their homes. The EPIC KICK Product by EpicDesign included:

Name Selection & Domain Advisory: We assisted in selecting a name that conveys the brand's value proposition and provided domain advisory to maximize their digital presence.

IT Setup: Implemented a comprehensive IT solution, including secure email services and SSL, to build trust and ensure data security.

Brand / Design Guide: Developed a detailed brand and design guide to maintain a consistent brand identity across all platforms.

Pitch Deck Content & Design: Created a compelling pitch deck to communicate BoPris's unique value proposition to potential investors and partners.

Landing Page & Click Prototype: Constructed a conversion-optimized landing page and an interactive click prototype to engage early adopters and collect user feedback.

UI/UX Refinement for Launch: Refined the UI/UX design in preparation for the official service launch, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

Ongoing Development Support & Bug Fixing: Provided continuous support and efficient bug fixing post-launch, ensuring optimal performance.


die Herausforderung

The primary challenge was to articulate the innovative concept of price insurance in a clear and compelling manner, and to establish a secure, scalable online platform that reflects the sophistication of BoPris's underwriting technology.


der Ansatz

EpicDesign’s approach with the EPIC KICK was strategic and customer-centric. We meticulously planned and executed each phase of the project, from the initial branding to the development of the digital platform, in sync with BoPris’s objectives. Our aim was to deliver a digital solution that was not only technologically advanced but also intuitive and reassuring for the end-user.

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Magnus Bergstrom
BoPris, CEO

"EpicDesign's expertise was pivotal in launching our innovative price insurance service. Their comprehensive range of services provided through the EPIC KICK product was integral to our success. From insightful brand naming to the development of our digital infrastructure, every step was executed with precision and excellence. Their skill was evident in our compelling design guide and the user experience of our platform. EpicDesign has been more than a service provider; they have been a partner in our journey. The ongoing support post-launch has been essential in maintaining our lead in the real estate FinTech industry. I strongly endorse EpicDesign to any brand seeking to establish a powerful online presence."