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der Kunde

nPloy is a job-hunting app which allows employees to find their perfect career “match” by swiping left and right through a board, similarly to Tinder. Users can upload their CV or fill it out in the app and apply filters such as field, salary range, distance to current location, and others that will help narrow their search.


Das Projekt

When nPloy contacted us, their app had existed for some time but it was not producing the user retention they needed to keep going. They had also started thinking about diversifying their app and providing users with additional features that would help them with their career orientation.

User experience
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die Herausforderung

nPloy wanted to change up their app a bit but still keep the main search feature as it was what set them apart from their competitors. The other challenge was to also design a web app, which would look more like a job board but still keep the same filters.


der Ansatz

We started off by “taking apart” what was already designed and applying a whole new user journey and overall experience. We also simplified the design of the filters and added a whole new feed-like section where users can interact and take part in discussions.

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