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the client

ASSISTENTO AI is a visionary mobile application designed to revolutionize the job search and career development landscape for Generation Z and Alpha. Founded by the innovative entrepreneur Velimir Pradov, ASSISTENTO AI offers a personalized, AI-powered assistant to guide job seekers through the complexities of finding and securing the right job opportunities.

Epic Hatch
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What we did

EpicDesign launched the EPIC HATCH Product for ASSISTENTO AI, providing a comprehensive package of services from conceptual brand development to the creation of a market-ready digital presence.

The project

Our collaboration with ASSISTENTO AI began with the objective of developing a user-centric job search assistant application. The EPIC HATCH Product by EpicDesign encompassed a holistic strategy that included:

NAME SELECTION & DOMAIN ADVISORY: Assisting in selecting a resonant brand name and advising on the domain to establish a significant online presence.

IT SETUP: Implementing a solid IT infrastructure, including professional email services and SSL for increased security and trust.

BRAND / DESIGN GUIDE: Crafting a detailed brand and design guide to ensure consistency and recognition across all user touchpoints.

PITCH DECK CONTENT & DESIGN: Developing a persuasive pitch deck to effectively convey the app's unique value and draw in potential users and backers.

LANDING PAGE & CLICK PROTOTYPE: Engineering a conversion-optimized landing page along with an interactive click prototype to initiate user engagement and feedback.

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the challenge

The key challenge was to encapsulate the complexities of the job search process within an intuitive mobile interface and to develop a scalable, secure infrastructure capable of supporting a dynamic and engaging user experience.

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the approach

EpicDesign's approach with the EPIC HATCH was all-encompassing and centered around the user experience. We meticulously planned and executed each phase, from digital branding to app development, in close collaboration with the ASSISTENTO AI team. Our commitment was to deliver a platform that was not only technologically robust but also superior in terms of user experience.

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Velimir Pradov

"EpicDesign was pivotal in turning our vision into a user-centric mobile app through their EPIC HATCH suite. They expertly handled everything from brand naming to IT infrastructure, with detailed design and prototypes. Beyond mere service, they've been essential partners, especially with post-launch support, as we aim to lead in HR tech. I strongly endorse EpicDesign for any company seeking to excel online.