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the client

Epic Hatch


EpicDesign introduced the EPIC HATCH Product for PETVAN, providing a full spectrum of services to take the brand from concept to a fully realized digital entity.

The project

Our venture with PETVAN was initiated with the ambition to redefine the pet insurance industry. The EPIC HATCH Product by EpicDesign included:

NAME SELECTION & DOMAIN ADVISORY: We aided in pinpointing a brand name that resonated with pet owners and provided guidance on domain selection for maximum online impact.

IT SETUP: Configured a comprehensive IT infrastructure, including secure email services and SSL, to instill confidence and ensure data security.

BRAND / DESIGN GUIDE: Established a cohesive brand and design guide, ensuring uniformity and recognition across all digital and physical media.

PITCH DECK CONTENT & DESIGN: Engineered an engaging pitch deck to effectively communicate PETVAN's mission and attract stakeholders.

LANDING PAGE & CLICK PROTOTYPE: Developed a conversion-focused landing page and an interactive click prototype to initiate customer interaction and gather early feedback.

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the challenge

The principal challenge was the digitization of the pet insurance process, transforming a traditionally cumbersome experience into an intuitive, stress-free digital service. Additionally, creating a scalable, secure platform to support this digital transformation was crucial.

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the approach

EpicDesign’s methodology with the EPIC HATCH was thorough and empathetic to pet owners' needs. From branding to platform development, each step was meticulously planned and implemented in collaboration with PETVAN’s visionaries. Our dedication was to deliver a platform that was technologically robust and a delight for users to engage with.

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Nav Garayal

"EpicDesign was key in creating our digital pet insurance service with their EPIC HATCH offerings. They excelled in everything from branding to IT setup, evident in our design guide and prototypes, and their post-launch support has been crucial in our mission to innovate in pet welfare. I highly recommend EpicDesign for any brand aiming to stand out online."