Data Interoperability
the client

PARSO is a trailblazer in the technological realm, pioneering a protocol that transcends the current productivity ceilings faced by the global economy. With its patented data interoperability technology combined with machine learning and AI, PARSO delivers unprecedented insights in a visual space, driving efficiency and innovation across industrial sectors.

Epic Hatch
Data Interoperability

What we did

EpicDesign deployed the EPIC HATCH Product for PARSO, delivering a complete range of services from initial brand conceptualization to the establishment of a robust digital footprint.

The project

The journey with PARSO began with an ambitious objective to bring a sophisticated technology solution to the market. The EPIC HATCH Product by EpicDesign comprised:

NAME SELECTION & DOMAIN ADVISORY: Assisting in the curation of a brand name that speaks to innovation and advising on domain selection to solidify online presence.

IT SETUP: Establishing a formidable IT framework, including secure email services and SSL, to underpin the brand's digital operations.

BRAND / DESIGN GUIDE: Crafting an extensive brand and design guide, creating a strong and consistent visual identity.

PITCH DECK CONTENT & DESIGN: Constructing an impactful pitch deck to communicate PARSO's revolutionary technology and draw in investors and partners.

LANDING PAGE & CLICK PROTOTYPE: Creating a landing page with a high conversion rate and an interactive click prototype for early user engagement and feedback.

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the challenge

The primary challenge was to present PARSO's complex and sophisticated technology in an accessible and user-friendly digital format, and to develop a scalable and secure online infrastructure capable of supporting an innovative data interoperability protocol.

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the approach

EpicDesign’s approach with the EPIC HATCH was strategic and forward-thinking. Every phase, from digital branding to the development of the technology's online presence, was executed with precision and in harmony with PARSO’s innovative ethos. Our dedication was to deliver a platform that was technologically superior and offered an intuitive user experience.

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David Kocher

"The expertise and strategic insight of EpicDesign were crucial in bringing our advanced technology to the forefront of the industry. The comprehensive services provided through their EPIC HATCH product were invaluable. From brand creation to the intricate IT setup, every detail was addressed with meticulous attention to excellence. Their mastery was evident in the engaging design guide, the development of our digital platform, and the enduring post-launch support. EpicDesign has been more than a service provider; they have been an integral partner in our success. Their continuous support has been vital in ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of the technology sector. I highly recommend EpicDesign to any company seeking to launch a game-changing product online."