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the client

Metameet is an online meetings platform that gives users the option to create their own 3D avatars and interact with others in a virtual environment. It can also be used to create personalised events such as presentations, concerts, seminars, etc.

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The project

The client had created the platform 4 years ago under a different name and was looking for an agency to create a new brand for it, together with a much more user friendly experience.


User experience

Webflow development

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the challenge

As the meta verse is gaining popularity, we needed to be very agile and hands-on in our design process. The challenge was to research as much as possible about it and create a user experience that would be easy to navigate and onboard users who had never used anything like this.

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the approach

First, we started off by creating a whole new brand and logo that would represent the innovative meeting technology that Metameet had created. After that, we approached the Unity-based app as well and created a whole new onboarding process, followed by a complete redesign of the main menu, navigation, and buttons.

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