Stitching AI

Artificial Intelligence
the client

Stitching AI, founded by the visionary entrepreneur and prompt engineering expert, Louis Mitterstadt, is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. They are dedicated to simplifying AI workflows, enabling users to leverage AI for productivity and efficiency in their daily tasks.

Epic Kick
Platform as a service

What we did

EpicDesign delivered the comprehensive EPIC KICK Product, encompassing an end-to-end suite of services from brand inception to ongoing development support.

The project

Our partnership with Stitching AI kicked off with the goal to craft a seamless prompt engineering platform. The EPIC KICK Product by EpicDesign was a strategic roadmap that included

NAME SELECTION & DOMAIN ADVISORY: We carefully selected a brand name and provided counsel on domain choice for a strong digital identity.

IT SETUP: Set up a robust IT framework, including professional email services and SSL for enhanced security.

BRAND / DESIGN GUIDE: Developed a detailed brand and design guide, laying the foundation for a consistent brand identity.

PITCH DECK CONTENT & DESIGN: Created a compelling pitch deck to communicate the unique value proposition and attract early adopters and investors.

LANDING PAGE & CLICK PROTOTYPE: Designed and implemented a high-conversion landing page and interactive click prototype to gather user feedback.

UI/UX REFINEMENT FOR LAUNCH: Refined the UI/UX for the official launch, ensuring the product was both intuitive and engaging.

TECHNICAL BLUEPRINT & VALIDATION: Provided a thorough technical blueprint and validation to guide the development process.

MVP DEVELOPMENT & LAUNCH: Led the development and successful launch of a minimum viable product, maintaining fidelity to the brand’s vision.

ONGOING DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT & BUG FIXING: Offered continuous development support and efficient bug fixing after launch to ensure optimal performance.

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the challenge

The primary challenge was to integrate the complexity of artificial intelligence within a user-friendly interface and develop a scalable and secure infrastructure, culminating in the launch of a robust MVP on a demanding schedule.

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the approach

EpicDesign's approach with EPIC KICK was comprehensive and user-centric. We ensured that each phase, from the brand’s digital inception to MVP development, was meticulously planned and executed in synergy with Stitching AI’s team. Our focus was on delivering a platform that was not just technically sound but also exceptional in user experience.

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Louis Mittelstaedt
Stitching AI, CEO

"EpicDesign was crucial in evolving our idea into a market-ready product with their EPIC KICK services. Their work, from brand naming to Dev deliverables, was marked by high professionalism and expertise, evident in their design guide and MVP development. More than just a provider, they've been a key partner, especially with their vital post-launch support as we strive to excel in the AI market. I highly recommend EpicDesign to startups looking to significantly influence the online sphere."