the client

A blockchain games aggregator, Coingamers helps game developers integrate blockchain technology and play2earn mechanisms, along with NFTs and marketplace support, without requiring advanced coding language.

Product design
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The project

Play-to-earn games are all the rage in the blockchain space and Coingamers were among the early starters, attempting to pave the way for mass adoption of blockchain games. Instead of focusing on games that rely on blockchain tech, Coingamers fosters developers who want to build entertaining games first and use blockchain tech for added value. The team came to us needing a distinct visual identity that helped them gain recognition as an innovative project in a competitive space. The goal was to give them a branding makeover that expressed their vision of having a comprehensive platform for gamers of all types to use and enjoy.

Brand identity

User experience design

User interface design

Webflow development

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the challenge

Since play-to-earn is a relatively new niche, the key point here was to highlight the innovation and express the vision of a future where gaming is more than just entertainment and players own digital assets that generate value. We had to make the brand modern yet trustworthy and approachable.

product element

the approach

In order to stay true to the gaming niche, we decided to include as many interactive elements as we could in the design. However, we tried to maintain a balance between simplicity and interactivity. We also chose a dark theme for the website to cater to the gaming-oriented target audience, while neon colors were used as accents for important snippets and triggers. Ultimately, we wanted Coingamers to stand out from the competition but also exude a familiar gaming vibe that resonated with gamers around the world.

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